As a preceptor, Sul “Florence” Jung, PharmD, BCPS has a motto — each student is accountable for their own education. She encourages students to discuss with their preceptor the goals they have for the rotation. From there, they can work together to achieve those goals. She believes that for students, the key to success is to be an active learner. In turn, precepting helps keep her up-to-date with current literature and challenges her to become a better clinician. Dr. Jung considers it a privilege to have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the careers of Pacific students.

Dr. Jung was recognized as the 2019 Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) Preceptor of the Year for the Santa Barbara region. She earned her doctor of pharmacy from University of Southern California in 2009. She is currently a critical care pharmacist at Ventura County Medical Center.

“She is an excellent clinician who has the utmost respect from the providers and pharmacy staff.”

- S. Lena Kang-Birken, PharmD, FCCP, AAHIVP

Her students agree that she is not only professional, but also very friendly. She makes them feel welcome at her site and a part of the team, helping play a role in the clinical decision-making process. Dr. Jung gives students a chance to work independently to research clinical answers. She also shares her own experiences so they can make informed decisions.

Dr. Jung’s long-time colleague and friend, S. Lena Kang-Birken, PharmD, FCCP, AAHIVP, associate professor and regional coordinator for Santa Barbara/Ventura, said, “She is an excellent clinician who has the utmost respect from the providers and pharmacy staff. She continues to grow professionally through further training on her own time. As her students said, she is friendly and approachable, whether she is precepting students or providing in-service to her pharmacy staff. Dr. Jung has young children at home and is very involved in their care. She embodies a modern professional working woman who not only balances her life well, but does it with ease. Dr. Jung is a great role model and a mentor. Pacific is fortunate to have a dedicated preceptor like Florence.”

By Kate M. O’Dell, PharmD, BCPS
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