For over 25 years, Audrey J. Lee, PharmD, BCPS, FCSHP, professor of pharmacy practice and regional coordinator for San Francisco, has been inspiring doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) students to apply their therapeutic knowledge to empower patients to live healthier lives. During the Pharmacy Graduation Banquet on May 17, Dr. Lee was recognized as the 2019 Regional Coordinator of the Year. This award recognizes a dedicated Pacific regional coordinator for their outstanding support of students and preceptors.

Dr. Lee earned her PharmD from University of California, San Francisco, where she also completed a pharmacy practice residency. She has been overseeing experiential learning in the San Francisco region since 1993.

“Pharmacists play a vital role in ensuring patients receive the most effective and safe combination of treatments, as well as the highest quality medication education,” said Dr. Lee. “I am grateful for my position because I am able to share my passion for patient care with students. Encouraging students to care about their patients and helping transform them into confident, passionate health care providers makes me look forward to work on a daily basis.”

Her students shared how they have been inspired by Dr. Lee, “She has the ability to motivate students collectively to achieve professional excellence in whatever career path they choose. Dr. Lee is a role model I hope to emulate one day. She goes beyond the call of duty to maximize our learning opportunities and ensure we are on the path to success. Not only does she have extensive therapeutic knowledge, her dedication to each of her students is worthy of commendation. She has inspired me to become a preceptor, because I want to provide mentorship and guidance to future pharmacy students, just as she has done for me.”

Allen Shek, PharmD, professor of pharmacy practice and associate dean of professional programs, said, “Dr. Lee is the embodiment of the Regional Coordinator of the Year. She is the first two-time award recipient since its inception in 2013. She is immensely dedicated to her students and extremely supportive of our preceptors. Pacific is fortunate to have a professor, regional coordinator and preceptor of Dr. Lee’s stature.”


By Kate M. O’Dell, PharmD, BCPS
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