Every year, Pacific’s doctor of pharmacy students fill 230 leadership positions. The American Pharmacists Association-Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) serves as an umbrella organization that oversees all of the pharmacy-related student groups, including health care outreach committees, student chapters of professional organizations and professional pharmacy fraternities.


Brian Lee ’20

Hometown: Cupertino
Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program (3+3), University of the Pacific

Personal goals: “I want to establish a deeper connection between University of the Pacific and other pharmacy schools within our region.”

Advice for future leaders: “Start working on your time-management skills. If you have multiple leadership roles, you will need a good sense of time-management and balance.”

Jessica Ho ’20
VP of Communications

Hometown: San Jose
BS in Biological Sciences, University of California, Irvine

Personal goals: “To increase awareness of Pacific’s pharmacy program so that more students who are interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy will consider Pacific.”

Advice for future leaders: “Talk to upperclassmen as much as possible. They are valuable sources of knowledge and help. Also, take advantage of the numerous leadership positions offered throughout campus.”


Mathew Yap ’20
VP of Correspondence

Hometown: Union City
Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program (2+3), University of the Pacific

Personal goals: “To inspire other students to take up leadership roles on campus as well as in their journey through pharmacy.”

Advice for future leaders: “Just go for it. Regardless of experience or social backing, each person has the potential to be a leader and leadership is not limited to committees or APhA-ASP.”

Jessica Ocegueda ’20
VP of Legislative Affairs

Hometown: Tracy
BS Molecular and Microbial Biology, California State University, Stanislaus

Personal goals: “My goal is to be a positive role model for students of all types. I want to make an impact in my profession and encourage others to be involved in the evolution of pharmacy.”

Advice for future leaders: “Never give up if you want to be involved. Even if you don’t get a position that you apply for you can still participate and contribute.”


Nanki Bains ’20
VP of Membership and Finance

Hometown: Madera
BS in Chemistry, California State University, Fresno

Personal goals: “We have a very large and diverse class. I want to build relationships with the students so that I can understand what they want to get out of their experience in pharmacy school. By better understanding their ideas, I can help implement changes that tend to their needs and, hopefully, the needs of future classes as well.”

Advice for future leaders: “Step out of your comfort zone and take on any challenges that come with being in a leadership role.”

Tammy Rodriguez ’20
VP of Professional Affairs

Hometown: Stockton
BS in Business Administration, Humphreys University

Personal goals: “I plan to collaborate within the Pacific network to address teen prescription drug misuse and abuse.”

Advice for future leaders: “Lead by example. Stay humble, remember you are a manager and a leader. Communicate effectively to be heard and understood. Also, know your limits, be emotionally intelligent and continue to improve yourself.”


Amanda Ho ’20
VP of Student Affairs

Hometown: San Jose
Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program (2+3), University of the Pacific

Personal goals: “I’d like to help make the transition for the transfer students into the established pre-pharmacy community smoother and faster.”

Advice for future leaders: “Keep surprising yourself! Take opportunities you would normally pass up.”

They shared what they love about Stockton: 
J. Ho: “I like how Stockton is such a small community and how interconnected the students are.”

Ocegueda: “I love the potential that Stockton contains. Stockton has always been a neighboring community that I have been involved in and I hope that I can give back to the people who need help to strive and succeed.”

Rodriguez: “We are just a short distance from the fast-paced Bay Area, a snow vacation in Lake Tahoe or a fun adventure at Yosemite National Park.”

Their favorite local spot to get dessert:
Bains, Lee and Yap: Boba from T4

A. Ho and J. Ho: Anything from Dream Ice Cream

Ocegueda: Monkey Bread Pizookie from BJ’s Restaurants and Brewhouse

Rodriguez: Strawberry shortcake from The Creamery Restaurant

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